Teresa & Xico

Wedding Photographer Algarve

Wedding Photographer Algarve

So I need to be honest here with you. This is not a wedding. But I *so* want to shoot a wedding in Portugal and somehow I need to get noticed, right?

Actually I want to be honest with you all the time. That’s why I really need to say: Teresa & Xico are just wonderful. I met them at the centre of their small town just at the portugese coast along with their three babies (yes, they have triplets and they share a lot of really funny photographs on instagram).

Even if I just got to know them that day, I feel a connection that is hard to describe. This camera-thingy allows me to make friends all over the world and get to know them better than I could with words. And because I am not very good with them, you now get to see the photos I took

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