So calm. Yet so crazy.

Israel – Tel Aviv – The Dead Sea – Jerusalem

Israel – Tel Aviv – The Dead Sea – Jerusalem

If you look at the latest posts, it’s mostly about travel. Despite being a wedding photographer, I show stuff of places I have been. It helps me putting things into perspective. We are so caught up with our lives, we don’t see the beauty of nature. Or forget to reflect on our own behaviour. At least I do from time to time.There are places which remind us of our unimportance. Places which let us slow down. And places which spark our thoughts.

To me, Israel is the latter. And it probably is to all of the people who have been there. It’s a region which has always been marked by conflicts. Jerusalem alone plays an important role in three huge religions. The city’s name is recognized by everyone I know, from the early ages. There’s no way you don’t know what the city wall looks like, even if you’ve never been there.

The Dead Sea is one of the New 7 Wonders. It is the deepest place you can freely visit on this planet. It’s a dying stretch of water in the middle of the desert. I haven’t seen any birds or other form of life there, besides touristic life. I can’t remember any other spot so calm. Yet at the same time, there’s Jordan just across the river. There’s Syria next to it.

Military Jets are patrolling the border. You may not see them, but you can hear them. It brings back the political reality you only know from the news.

And then there is Tel Aviv. A city as western as it could be. I felt the openness on the street. There are bars on every corner, the LGTB community is a big thing.People go out and have fun. You see lots of huge buildings, lots of tourists. If it weren’t for the signs, written in Jewish script, Arabic abjad and latin characters, you could not tell it apart from every other metropolis.

But they are almost everywhere. And it keeps reminding me, Israel is somewhere in between everything. Between the technological driven modern world on one hand and old traditions on the other hand. There’s a cultural tension. Centre of a huge conflict, which touches everyone of us. At least, I did touch me and I cannot just return to my life.

The country of Israel and Jerusalem explicitly reminded me that we live in a man-made world. Sometimes it is good to break out for a little while and clear the mind. But at the same time it’s important to face the world we live in. To me it started the urge to reconsider my place in it.

My impressions are hard to put in words. And hard to put in photographs as well. Sometimes, we need to feel the atmosphere. Some places you just need to visit.

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